Why Baxter

We care about what we do. Our clients’ goals are our top priority and we focus all our attention on ensuring success. Our work is underpinned by professionalism, knowledge, experience and expertise. Even more importantly, we build strong relationships with our clients, taking the time to understand who they are and what they want to achieve personally and professionally.

With over 20 years’ business experience in the UK and internationally – in high-level managerial and HR management roles – we relate strongly with the participants who undergo our training and coaching programmes. This applies whether they are Chief Executives, Head Teachers, experienced middle managers, newly appointed team leaders or private individuals. Through our intensive coaching programmes and wellbeing events we delve into the person – their thoughts, habits, values and beliefs - to help them visualise who and what they want to be. Our commitment is to help them get there.

  • We are focused – We plan up-front how to best serve the needs of the client and jointly work out how we will know, categorically, if our input has been successful.
  • We are thorough – We do what we say we will do, and then do over and above.
  • We are credible – We have an impressive track record of delivering results as professionally qualified, hugely experienced trainers and coaches.
  • We are honest – We undertake work we are 100% capable of delivering.  If we’re in doubt, we don’t do it or claim we can do it. Our integrity is important to us.
  • We inspire and transform – Time after time, this is what we hear most from our clients. They love our style, positive attitude, and straight, ‘no-nonsense’ approach.  And we love working with them!