quotestart-grey I have loved the leadership programme and I feel confident that I can approach challenge effectively. I absolutely loved the second session on coaching. Great venue, amazing food – such a treat! quoteend-grey

Manager, The Clifton Children’s House

quotestart-grey Executive Coaching provided an environment to take a step back from the daily job and think about what I am doing in a more structured, strategic manner. It provided accountability! quoteend-grey

TBT Manager

We offer:

  1. Coaching Skills Training for Managers
  2. Executive Coaching Programmes
  3. Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coaching Programmes 

Baxter Associates’ strong reputation as a provider of value-added coaching services has been built up over the last 20 years. To date, more than 2,500 managers have participated in our Coaching Skills Training Programme. We have an impeccable track record of competing successfully for high profile, large-scale regional and international contracts (Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Morocco, UAE, South Africa) and delivering them to the highest standard.

Our work has included a major Development Programme for Senior Leaders within Local Government.  An independent report  conducted by the National College for School Leadership states:

“There is no doubt that those who took up the coaching and mentoring elements (of the Senior Leadership Programme) have found it ‘excellent’, a word that was used time and time again in the evaluation of our programmes.”

 Our services include:

1. Coaching Skills Training for Managers

We excel at equipping managers with a coaching style of leadership. Our intensive, skills-based programmes are content-rich, challenging and motivating. Our overall aim is to ensure that managers leave the workshops with a clear understanding of coaching, sufficient knowledge to identify when to use it to best effect, and the confidence to apply it successfully.

‘Coaching is a conversation with a purpose’. That is our definition of coaching and it is what we enable participants to achieve in the workplace. A coaching style is focused, constructive, and generates action. People become accountable and things get done – to a high standard. A leader who coaches is one who wins their team’s loyalty and support, with the potential to create outstanding results.

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“Excellent focus, interpersonal style and pacing. Really enjoyable, thought-provoking and practical.”
“I have learnt so much. So many useful models and checklists to use. The most valuable for me was the coaching element and I am looking forward to using this style more.”


“It was a very fun way to learn and feel confident. I enjoyed the quizzes and range of media that was used. It was fab!”
“Truly excellent. I wish I had done it years ago!”

2. Executive Coaching Programmes

Baxter Associates’ coaches operate expertly across all levels of management from Chief Executive to newly appointed Team Leader. 

As experienced business people in our own right, we identify easily with clients and help them address topics such as:

  • business planning
  • personal organisation and prioritisation
  • managing teams and individuals
  • dealing with underperformance in others
  • strengthening relationships and overcoming barriers
  • addressing fears and dealing with crises
  • managing personal pressure and stress
  • lifestyle and wellbeing factors influencing business success

What sets us apart is that we are rigorous about agreeing specific coaching themes, objectives and measures of success with our executive coachees up-front. Our sessions are robust, underpinned by our coaching qualifications, hundreds of hours of experience, and professional background in major U.K. and international Human Resources roles. We are focused, perceptive and highly skilled. 

We want the best for our clients and we push them to stretch themselves to be the best that they can be. We are passionate about what we do, always in the best interests of the client and the wider organisation. 

Our greatest pleasure is seeing a client grow in confidence and capability. The relationship with our clients is paramount; it underpins all that we do.

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“I found the overall experience of having the opportunity to talk through real situations that I was experiencing at that time so valuable. I found Jennifer very easy to talk to, approachable, fair and supportive. I wasn’t made to feel I was on a conveyor belt but that Jennifer showed genuine interest in helping me with my specific problem.”
“I liked the flexibility of the sessions as I felt completely different on a month by month basis. As confidence and knowledge grew, my needs and objectives changed. Jennifer was brilliant at letting the coaching follow the route I needed at this particular time.”
“Jennifer took the time to focus the sessions on my real issues and needs so they were absolutely relevant. I am happier, more efficient and empowered – and believe my team are as well.”
“There were some sudden realisations. It was a very good reflection opportunity. The penny actually dropped that I’m putting myself under a lot of pressure.”
“I feel, having talked it through, that I need to keep the issue in perspective and look to the future. Jennifer is really good at reflecting back and I now realise I need to divest myself of some of the detail of managing the operational stuff.”
“I had a breakthrough in the way I thought about the issue. I’m very clear now on the action I need to take.”

All quotes are from recent training workshop and executive coaching clients.


3. Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coaching Programmes

We believe that business success and lifestyle/wellbeing factors go hand-in-hand. How you feel about yourself has a knock-on effect on your behaviour and impact on others. Your thoughts, habits, values and beliefs are the core of who you are, and matter when it comes to visualising who and what you want to be.

Our lifestyle and wellbeing work with private clients concentrates on:

  • the fluidity of wellbeing and the factors that influence it
  • 8 categories of self-care
  • nutrition, exercise and good sleep hygiene
  • the power of relationships
  • boosting mental wellbeing and resilience
  • how to achieve a happier, healthier you

Programmes are available either on a one-to-one basis or for small groups.

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“Engaging and thought-provoking.”
“Very informative and inspiring.”


“It gave me a wake-up call on the (very low) level of my own self-care. I now have practical strategies for promoting my own wellbeing.”
“Fab! Lots of food for thought and actions to implement.”